Strategic Latino Consulting

 Allow us to assist you in strategizing the most suitable approach for your organization to develop lasting connections and  effectively engage in Latino communities. Through careful assessment of your current strategy, we will work collaboratively to develop new framing concepts that align with your objectives.
Estimated Latino Population
in Jefferson Parish

Targeted Marketing

At The Schnell Group, we pride ourselves on our expertise in Latino marketing and outreach. With a focus on media and communications framing, our dedicated team excels in crafting narratives that resonate with your target audience.  Our comprehensive services extend to content creation, ensuring that your message is compelling and impactful. Additionally, we will assist you in optimizing your presence across various social media platforms. With our specialized knowledge and tailored approach, we are here to help you reach and engage the Latino community effectively.
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Latino leaders play a vital role in various aspects of community development, such as politics, education, grassroots community-based organizing, labor, diversity and inclusion facilitation, and relationship building within the community.  Latino leaders play a crucial role in promoting diversity and inclusion, ensuring that all members of the community feel valued, respected, and included. Through facilitation and relationship building, they can bridge gaps, foster dialogue, and strengthen bonds within the community. With their expertise and commitment, Latino leaders have the potential to drive positive change and create a more equitable and prosperous community for all.

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The Roadmap to Latino Prosperity establishes a comprehensive framework aimed at fostering socio-economic advancement within the Latino community. It recognizes the significance of this endeavor as the nation undergoes a significant racial and ethnic transformation in the years ahead. The Roadmap underscores that Latino prosperity is not only crucial for the well-being of the Latino population but also essential for the economic security of the United States as a whole. Emphasizing the catalytic role of Latinos in driving national growth and prosperity, the Roadmap highlights the need to prioritize and invest in initiatives that support and uplift the Latino community.
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translation services 

  • Marketing translation services that open your brand up to new markets
  • Social media marketing translation
  • Article and blog content translation
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